Call for bands to peform in Beijing, London & New York! 
Feb 17, 2015


Singapore: Inside Out is a multi-city traveling showcase taking place between April to November 2015, celebrating Singapore's contemporary creative talents with cross-disciplinary works of local talents across a spectrum of the creative industries and disciplines. 

In partnership with the Singapore Tourism Board (STB), SGMUSO is pleased to announce a joint initiative that provides Singaporean bands/artists the opportunity to perform in Beijing, London or New York City! Don't miss out on this opportunity to be seen and heard in these music scenes and to rock out in these cities. Aside from the performance at Singapore: Inside Out, STB is also offering the selected acts the opportunity to plan and perform shows of their own within the stipulated travel duration. If you've always dreamt of touring in any of these cities, this might just be for you! 

The travel dates are as follows:
Beijing: 22nd - 26th April 2015 (2 bands will be selected) 
London: 24th - 28th June 2015 (3 bands will be selected)
NYC: 23rd - 27th September 2015 (2 bands will be selected)

The following travel expenses will be fully funded for all selected artists: 
Return Economy flights (up to 5 pax per act only)
Twin/Triple sharing accommodation (up to 5 nights only) 
Local ground transport (up to 5 days only)
Meal Allowance (up to 5 days only)
Basic Backline for Singapore: Inside Out performance

We would like to invite all Singaporean & PR bands/artists to submit their own bid for an opportunity to perform in these cities! There will be 3 Open Calls in total throughout the year. 

Open Call #01
Application: Now till 2nd March 2015, 2359pm 

2 acts will be selected for Beijing by 24th March 
2 acts will be shortlisted for London by April
1 act will be shortlisted for NYC by April 

We are shortlisting acts for London and NYC now so that they will have ample time to start looking for their additional gig/s. There will be a final review of the shortlisted acts after the respective open calls have closed in April and July. 

If you have a healthy obsession for music and you want to walk the talk, then this initiative is for you. What we hope to see from you is a passion to connect, a desire on your part to be plugged into the music industry on a global basis. 

Here are the ground rules for application: 
* Read through the entire emailer and terms & conditions thoroughly! 
* Only artists/bands that meet all the following requirements will be considered.
* FAQs regarding requirements are below. 

1. Applications open to Singaporeans & PRs only.  
2. All applicants MUST be an SGMUSO member(s). 
3. Already have an EP or LP or a minimum of 3 singles released physically or digitally (including Youtube)
4. Be able to perform at least 2 sets (of min. 30mins each) at Singapore: Inside Out during travel duration
5. Commit to organising at least one more show of their own in another venue during the trip
6. Be able to travel within the stated period of the specific city event you're applying for

Once the application period has closed, a panel consisting of international promoters, label heads, music journalists, agents together with STB & SGMUSO team members will consider your application diligently. Every application will be reviewed by at least two persons. Decisions will be made based on merit alone - who you are, the music you make and what you have achieved on your journey thus far. 

1. Once the Open Call closes, SGMUSO will collate all entries. 
2. An panel consisting of independent council members (council members who did not submit their own act) as well as external Singapore industry experts will shortlist the entries to 15 acts. 
3. These 15 acts will then be sent to a panel consisting of promoters, agents, label heads in each city/region to pick acts that they think would be suitable for the relevant city's market. Their scores will then be tallied together with STB and SGMUSO's scores.
4. The top acts with the highest scores will then be selected to play in the city event. 

All applicants must fill in a comprehensive questionnaire. Every question must be answered. If you've been sailing the airwaves on radio or performing sold-out shows, these are information we wanna know. Just make sure you send us something meaningful that will give us an idea of where you're at right now. 

And now that you're ready, send in your submissions here now!


My band is mostly Singaporean / PR. But I have a bandmate who is not. Can I still submit my application?
Yes. But should you be selected, the travel expense coverage will only be extended to all Singaporean / PR members. 

I am not an SGMUSO member. Why must I join and where can I do so? 
It gives us a better sense of who you are and what you do. Plus, SGMUSO members will usually be one of the first to hear of such opportunities. You will also get special discounts and access to some of our events and initiatives. So why not? You can join us for free at 

Can I play all 3 cities? 
It is possible. Ultimately, the panelists in the various cities will weigh in on who they think would fit best in their respective markets. If they think you're good enough, we won't say no! If you are interested in playing in all 3 cities, you need to complete all parts of the questionnaire in the form above. 

I've released my work on soundcloud / I uploaded some songs I did on Youtube. Does that count? 
Yes. As long as a minimum of 3 singles have been released on recognised platforms.

Will I know the dates I'm expected to perform at Singapore: Inside Out?
Yes, the acts will be informed upon selection. 

What happens if I'm selected? 
All applicants will be notified in mid-March 2015 whether their application was successful or not. If you are selected to perform, STB will covers flights, accommodation costs and provides ground transportation and meals (as per coverage stated above). 

In the relevant city, you'll be asked to perform 2 shows at Singapore: Inside Out. Aside from that, you will also need to plan and perform at least an additional show of your own at another venue. 

What happens if I'm shortlisted for London and NYC? 
All shortlisted acts will be notified by April. The idea of having shortlisted acts for the various cities way in advance is so that the acts will have ample time to secure an additional gig/s on their own or plan their tour should they wish to.  

When the open call starts again for the city you have been shortlisted for, we will be in touch again to get an update on your plans in the city and if you've secured the additional gig/s. 

I would like to play more than one show / organise a tour while I'm there. Is it possible? 
Most definitely! However, additional costs incurred from playing more than one show or from a tour will not be covered by the funding. For example, if your tour extends beyond the stipulated travel duration and expense coverage; any additional days of accommodation, costs to change flights, etc will have to come out of your own pocket. We think this is still a pretty good investment on your end since most of the travel expenses will be paid for anyway! 

I would like to extend my stay in the city, not necessarily to play additional shows. I've just not been to the city before and would love to explore the place! Can I do that, even at my own cost? 
Unfortunately no. We hope selected artists will see this purely as a trip for artist and market development for themselves, playing to a different audience, establishing your music in these markets. Any extension of the trip will have to be substantiated with evidence of shows that you've lined up beforehand, even if this is at your own cost. 

Who is behind this initiative? 
STB and SGMUSO. Organizations run by people who love music as much as you do and who are committed to bring the Singapore music scene to unprecedented levels. This we hope to achieve by placing Singapore bands/artists into environments where they may have the chance to develop and further all aspects of their music.


  • All participating artists must be members of SGMUSO. Please join us for free at
  • By submitting an application, you hereby authorize The Music Society, Singapore (SGMUSO) to use your materials, as listed above for marketing and promotions without prior approval. 
  • The SGMUSO Council and external industry experts will shortlist 15 bands to be sent to panel in each city. In the scenario where a member of the SGMUSO Council has any conflict of interest with respect to any artist/band submission, he/she will not be eligible to vote. The decisions of the SGMUSO Council in this regard shall be final and conclusive.  
  • The final selection will be made by the organising members of STB, SGMUSO as well as an independent panel based in each city.
  • Please note that the program is subject to change with notice.