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  • Ritz Carlton Singapore Singapore (map)
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16th September 2019 | Millenia One, Ritz Carlton Hotel, Singapore

With 10 years under its belt, the Music Matters Academy has become an integral part of All That Matters in Asia. With access to prominent speakers from the conference offering an up-close-and-personal opportunity for young artists and music professionals, the Academy continues to deliver a powerful programme. For 2019, we will be covering the following important subject matter:

12:50-13:00 Intro (Jasper Donat)

13:00-13:10 Presentation from World United Artists

13:10-13:50 Marketing and Distribution in Trigger Cities (Moderator: Graham Perkins)

The huge social media and streaming numbers emanating from cities such as Jakarta and Manila, have begun to wake up western artists to the potential of growing your fanbase in South East Asia. The emerging markets of the region are now on the radar and changing the promotional centre of gravity for the music business. It’s not a one way street so join us to hear from the panelists on the potential of how mature markets need to be a part of any Asian artist’s future thought processes.

  • Alex Branson, Head of International, EMPIRE

  • Joe Caliro, Senior Advisor of Globe Entertainment Group, Globe

  • Nick Roden, SVP Label and Business Development, INgrooves

  • Kevin Foo, Co-Founder, Foundation

13:50-14:30 Fan Engagement (Moderator: Rob McDermott)

Fans can come from anywhere and your music and message needs to resonate. They love your music, they go to your shows but how do you go about engaging with them more and reaching out to grow your fanbase? Hear from Music Matters Live performing Artists on how they go about connecting and engaging their fans across the minefield of social media vehicles. 

  • Kyle Patrick, Artist

  • iNCH, Artist

  • Jakob, Artist

  • Peter Huang, Artist

  • Kiana Valenciano, Artist

14:30-15:15 Artist Management in a DIY Era (Moderator: Syaheed)

Who needs a Manager? Surely in this era of DIY, an Artist can do it all? Well if there is anyone in the food chain that is even more necessary, that is an effective Artist Manager. Your second Father, your baseball bat but mostly, your planner, campaigner and the one who connects the dots. Think you can do it yourself, then do not attend this panel. Read it and weep or join us to find out how the Manager has become crucial in this DIY era and what it takes to be a Manager.

  • Rob McDermott, Manager, Mad Mac

  • Jon Chua, Founder, Zendyll Records

  • Paul Paoliello, Manager, Top Dog Group

15:15-16:00 Shaking up Live Music in Asia (Mod: Graham Perkins)

There are numerous horror stories about how tough touring the Asia circuit is. Every show has to be approved by the local authorities where they take into consideration your past endeavours, lyrics of the proposed set list and more. But the times are changing and as we move deeper into the new century, the Asian territories are slowly but steadily opening their gates towards western Artists. But hang on, surely Asia is an opportunity to Asian Artists also? The panel will discuss how their efforts and experiences highlight that Asia can be a fruitful opportunity.

  • Sara Bollwinkel, Agent, Paradigm

  • Adam Wilkes, President & CEO, AEG Asia

  • Justin Sweeting, Head of Music, Magnetic Asia

16:00-16:40 The Power of Music is Driven by the Song (Mod: David Siow)

A song comes to you from anywhere. It’s from your heart; from your experiences; from the people you meet. However, today, more and more songs are being written by expert songwriters from around the world. It also gives every Artist a chance to write for other Artists and thus provide new revenue streams. Hear from our panelists on how to develop songwriting skills and look for further songwriting opportunities along with what they look for when acquiring songs from external sources. 

  • Peter Coquillard, Senior Manager & Head of International, Milk & Honey

  • Danny Lee, Founder, Asian Agent

  • Wenjie, Artist

  • Kenny Shiu, Managing Director, BMG (HK)

16:40-17:20 New Revenue Streams with Sync and Publishing (Moderator: Mark Frieser)

Your music has greater chances of being found through being a part of a TV commercial, TV programme or movie. Synchronisation has fast become a powerful discovery platform but is also a growing revenue stream for Artists and Songwriters. Join us to hear from our panel on how to approach synchronisation opportunities; who to connect with and the legal and contractual considerations.

  • Jonny Thompson, Director of International, Nichion

  • Anand Roy, Head of Music and Live Entertainment, Disney

  • Mandar Thakur, COO, Times Music

  • Priyanka Khimani, Founder and Lead Partner, Anand, Anand & Khimani

  • June Zhan, Founder, ATB-Intl

17:20-18:00 Pioneer Session - “SQUID” it’s a powerful tool for Production

How can SQUID connect up with other equipment and help you to be more Creative. Join Kaye for a live product demo and presentation of the TORAIZ SQUID. Attend this session for you chance to win a Pioneer DJ (DJS-1000 ) worth $1849!

  • Presenter: Kaye, Musician/DJ/Producer, Darker Than Wax

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