As a follow-up to Music Matters Academy, SGMUSO organised a mentorship session on 27th July 2013 for all Music Matters Pass-holders. This Mentorship Session is aimed at assisting artists to expand their learning experience at the Academy by shifting everything they've learnt into a local context.

Helmed by a group of well-esteemed individuals in the Singapore music industry, key topics covered at the session include:


Branding & Management / Mike See (Riot! Records)

Publishing & Distribution / Syaheed (Bedsty/ Believe Digital)

Touring / Keith Tan (Slate Entertainment)

Press Matters / Kevin Mathews (Power of Pop)

Marketing & Booking / Danny Loong (Timbre Music)


Attendees were encouraged to come with questions and scenarios to discuss with the mentors.

The response to the mentorship session was amazing with the attendees not wanting the session to end. SGMUSO is planning for more of these sessions to take place in the near future.