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The first SGMUSO fundraiser festival took place on 5 January 2019 at *SCAPE The Ground Theatre. Profits from The Outer Limits will be channeled into operational costs, skills and development programmes such as weekend consulting sessions, workshops and networking sessions, as well as organisational activities such as Music Export of Singapore artists to markets beyond Singapore.

Festival goers were treated to three exciting segments – Up and Coming, Comeback Bands & The Light Show. In Up and Coming, emerging musicians YAØ and Houg showcased their material, giving us a taste of their immense talents. SGMUSO believes it is of utmost importance that these up and coming acts are offered opportunities to play on a professional stage, and form networks with industry people to nurture their musical endeavors.

Comeback Bands pays homage to the pioneers of the scene and the evolution of local music. Alternative/pop-rock quintet West Grand Boulevard and post-hardcore band A Vacant Affair were reunited with their ardent supporters while treating new listeners to a taste of early 2000s Singapore-made music, and even performed new material.

Josh Tan of A Vacant Affair (Credit: Luke Beh)

Josh Tan of A Vacant Affair (Credit: Luke Beh)

The final segment, The Light Show was a full-fledged visual and aural experience featuring headlining artists Linying, Caracal and Sezairi. Their performances came complete with 3D installation structures, projection mapping and live visuals by LiteWerkz. Through cross-collaboration between art forms, SGMUSO hopes to encourage experimentation and expand the boundaries of live music production.

Caracal ending the festival, loud and proud. (Credit: Luke Beh)

Caracal ending the festival, loud and proud. (Credit: Luke Beh)

All the proceedings were hosted by our very own Inch Chua and Tim De Cotta.

Besides the festivities on stage, booths were set up around the venue for the audience’s enjoyment. Hendrick’s Gin with Gin cocktails, Al Capone's Ristorante & Bar kept us satisfied with their selection of beer and food. VIPs and bundle ticket owners also received specially reserved Havalina Wines. Adding on to the exciting programme, Popsical let karaoke-loving festival goers sing to their heart’s content at their karaoke booth, while at the same time dishing out complimentary frozen popsicle sticks. The Fragment Room also gave us a taste of their unique service.

SGMUSO also shined the spotlight on Singaporean designers, showcasing past album artworks along the corridor of The Ground Theatre.

Thanks to strong collaboration and support from all the partners and friends, The Outer Limits brought SGMUSO back into the public spotlight, and gave the public a chance to support their upcoming efforts to further promote and develop the Singapore original music scene.