EGM & 'WHAT'S YOUR PROBLEM?' Weekend Consultation Session

EGM & consult poster.jpg

SGMUSO held an Extraordinary General Meeting on 11 May at MOX, to resolve certain outstanding issues; namely, the approval of Financial Statements for the Work Year, and to nominate 3 new Council Members. Following the elections, we are pleased and excited to welcome George Leong (Chairman, Musicians Guild of Singapore), Veronica Tan (co-Founder, Moonbeats Asia), and Edwin Waliman (Partner, Secret Signals) to the SGMUSO Council.

In our efforts to help music artists and those looking to make careers in the music industry, we then had the first session of ‘WHAT‘S YOUR PROBLEM?’, a weekend consultation session where attendees get customised advice and solutions from experienced industry professionals, to address their specific needs. This first edition featured 6 members of the SGMUSO Council, and the wealth of combined knowledge among them covered many aspects of the industry, from touring to distribution and event organization and planning. This was a chance for attendees to have a dedicated period of time with an industry professional, to seek their help and guidance with their own music journey. The panelists were more than happy to help with the issues, and give advice and insight based on their experiences working in the industry.

Attendees and panelists at the first edition of ‘WHAT’S YOUR PROBLEM?’

Attendees and panelists at the first edition of ‘WHAT’S YOUR PROBLEM?’

SGMUSO hopes that through these sessions, anyone who is passionate about the music industry, but finds themselves stuck and unsure about their strategies and plans, will find SGMUSO is a valuable resource of support and help. By assisting these individuals, SGMUSO hopes to help set the foundation for the coming generation of music artists, practitioners and businesses, enabling and encouraging them to be a part of Singapore’s growing music industry, and develop it further. Future editions of the sessions will be adjusted to be even more focused and beneficial for participants and panelists.