Aliwal Arts Night Crawl aims to promote the eclectic mix of traditional and contemporary artists based in Aliwal Arts Centre, while paying homage to the rich cultural heritage of Kampong Glam. For this years edition, we're pleased to present the music of snuggle-worthy singer-songwriter Umar Sirhan, fingerstyle maestro Neil Chan Music and smooth R&B operator Niine

Umar Sirhan is a singer-songwriter, known for his silky smooth vocals, and pensive lyrics. Coupling this with melodies inspired from John Mayer, Charlie Lim and Jason Mraz, his music will surely pull your heartstrings.

Neil Chan, a finger-style guitarist whose interest lies in music hybridity - blending musical genres like Jazz, Flamenco, Carnatic and Andean. His music will captivate you in ways you least expect.

Niine has been passionately active in the local music scene since 2005. Having gained experience from being in many musical situations, it propelled him to pursue his own solo project, diving into a soulful, R&B realm. With over a decade's worth of experience, Niine is bullish to take on the big stage and join the big leagues of music.

This has been a successful collaboration between SGMUSO, Aliwal Arts Center and One Kampong Gelam (OKG).